Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Goddess
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Dea; Wahine Hou – A Modern Goddess

Exhibitions Gallery, Brandon Street, Wellington
Open from 6th of August 2015.


An elegant and sophisticated take on the modern New Zealand woman in the roll of an ancient goddess.

Rodgers has combined the idea of European and Maori Polytheism. Insisting that we all have aspects of godliness within us.

Rodgers draws attention to what it means to be a ‘Goddess’ in the world today. The aspects of our lives for which we draw upon powers that enable us to conquer the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Portrayed in one or her paintings we see the Roman Goddess Pax donning a pair of Converse basket ball boots, face raised to the sun in quiet and peaceful contemplation. Her name Hineputehue, the niece of Tawhirimatea (The Maori God of wind).

Each painting has been based on a short story written locally. ‘I knew what it was that I wanted to represent in the paintings , the combination of cultures Maori and Pakeha. The goddess like attributes that kiwi woman wear like a cloak, protecting and adorning them. I did however want to include another aspect of the arts and other talented people in the form of writers to add depth and authenticity to the story I wanted to represent. This way the viewer is able to emerge themselves more fully into the mythology of the exhibition.’

One story talks about internet dating and another about wars and weaponry. ‘Though the subjects are varied the fact is that many of our New Zealand women are living with and overcoming fears and challenges every day that many of us can only begin to understand. I want to pay homage to their strength and vulnerability. I want to put the kiwi woman on a pedestal for all to see and admire.’

Sandy’s work has always been research based and this body of work is no different. However, with the added delight of a contemporary myth to lighten the load and keep the exhibition whimsical and yet still challenging… it’s a definite must see!