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Public Dinner


  1. New Zealand Map: Based on John Arrowsmith’s map from 1841
  2. Public Dinner notice printed by the ‘New Zealand Gazette’ 1840
  3. Clayton, Matthew Thomas 1831-1922: Settlement of Wellington by the New Zealand Company. Historical gathering of pioneer ships in Port Nicholson, March 8, 1840; Auckland, Wilson & Horton, 1899
  4. Swainson, William 1789-1855: Hutts [sic] of the first settlers Petoni Beach.
  5. Smith, William Mein 1799-1869: The harbour of Port Nicholson and the town of Wellington (sketched in the middle of the year 1842).
  6. Township of Petone [map]. Reference number: MapColl–832.4796gbbd/[ca.1873]/Acc.36471
  7. Artist unknown: William Wakefield wearing the habilments of the first society of Europe. Sketched in the court of the King’s Bench upon being brought up from Lancaster Castle.
  8. Artist unknown: Edward Jerningham Wakefield [ca 1850].
  9. New Zealand Company: A proposed plan of the city of Wellington in the first settlement in New Zealand. Designed by Samuel Cobham, Newgate Street, [London].
  10. Brees, Samuel Charles: Barrett’s Hotel, Wellington Drawn by S C Brees ; engraved by Henry Melville [London, 1847].
  11. Wivell, Abraham 1786-1849: Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Esq. Engraved by B Holl from a drawing by A Wivell, 1823. London, 1826.

Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




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