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Nouvelle Zelande


Map: The title and some of the information on the original map is what is written on the left hand side of the painting including the date it was created.

Fleur-de-lis: The design can be found in many places long before heraldic times, as far back as Mesopotamia. It is essentially a stylized flower, and served as a decorative element and became associated over time with royalty, especially in the High Middle Ages.


1) United Tribes of New Zealand.
2) British Union Jack
3) Modern French Flag

Kowhaiwhai Design: Patiki or flounder:s ymbol of hospitality from the Pare Hauraki area.

13 December, the ‘St. Jean Baptise’ rounds Cape Marie Van Diemen and passes the Endeavour with neither Ship sighting the other due to bad weather conditions.

12 July 1772, the French bury a bottle at Waipoa, on Moturua Island. Within the bottle were enclos’d the arms of France and a formal statement taking possession of the whole country; with the name of ‘France Australe’

11:30am, 12 December 1769, The ‘St Jean Baptise’ sighted the Coastline of New Zealand just south of the Hokianga Harbour.


Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Contemporary Artifacts