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Kingitanga or Kingitanga

Kingitanga or Kingitanga

Kingitanga (The King Movement): “The administrative arm which controls and directs things of the physical world”   (Te Wherowhero)

Kingitanga ( Spiritual Lore):    “The natural Spiritual lore of Whakapapa that drives all things Maori in securing the ancient sacred knowledge” (Te Wherowhero)

Background Script:

The King movement (Te Kingitanga) began in the 1850s in an attempt to stop the sale of land and promote Maori authority in New Zealand. Tribes from all over the country, including the South Island, debated who should be offered the kingship.

Image:  ‘Te Werowero, or Potatau the principal chief of all Waikato’. George French Angas delt & lith. Plate 44. 1847.

The Three Flags: (top left) Were Te Wherowhero’s for his appointment as King in 1857.  Each new monarch has their own flag drawn up for use at Turangawaewae Marae and for visiting other Marae..Kingi (King), Niu Tireni (New Zealand).

Kowhaiwhai Design: Patiki (flounder) is a symbol of hospitality.

From Pare Hauraki (Maori Monarchs home area)

Kings Marae: Turangawaewae in Ngaruawahia


Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




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