Sandy Rodgers Artworks | A History of Pakanga
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A History of Pakanga

Tumatauenga – God of War

Pakanga – War

Kowhaiwhai Design: Based on ‘Mangotipi’, The white pointer shark. For me this design represents strength and determination.

The map of New Zealand shows all the tribal districts.

War was a splendid thing for Maori. A great deal of ‘mana’ could be gained by a warrior who fought well in a battle.

Mana was part of everyday life for the Maori. It means different things in different circumstances; Honour, Prestige, Authority, Psychic Power, Influence, skill or nobleness. Mana could be lost or gained. A greenstone mere (short club) could have high levels of mana due to it having been passed down through generations of chiefs or possibly having killed important people.


Shown at:

Exalt Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Pacific Artifacts