Sandy Rodgers Artworks | French Maori
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French Maori


The map used on the painting was based on the French map of New Zealand created in 1842 from information provided by M.Dumont D’Urville

  • 13 December, the ‘St. Jean Baptise’ rounds Cape Marie Van Diemen and passes the Endeavour with neither Ship sighting the other due to bad weather conditions.
  • 12 July 1772, the French bury a bottle at Waipoa, on Moturua Island. Within the bottle were enclos’d the arms of France and a formal statement taking possession of the whole country; with the name of ‘France Australe’
  • 11:30am, 12 December 1769, The ‘St Jean Baptise’ sighted the Coastline of New Zealand just south of the Hokianga Harbour.
  • The blue flag design, top centre is the old Royal Flag of France.
  • Images of the trees, centre, is based on the figurative style of painting that the Maori developed during colonization.

Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




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