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English Pigeon

The map used here is based on Cook’s first map of New Zealand.

James Cook was born: October 27th 1728

Cook’s Quotes

“Before we left this Bay, we cut out upon one of the trees near the watering place, the Ships Name, date &ca and after displaying the English Colours I took formal possession of the place in the name of His Majesty.”

(Mercury Bay)

Cook encounters the natives:

“all stout well made men, having all of them their hair which was black Comb’d up and tied upon the Crown of their heads and there stuck with white feathers” In each of the canoes were several Chiefs dressed in cloaks “of the best sort and cover’d on the outside with Dog skins put on in such a manner as to look agreeable enough to the eye”

On Saturday, 13 January 1770 Cook wrote: “At 5 AM saw for a few Minutes the Top of the peaked Mountain above the Clowds, bearing NE; it is of a prodigious height and its top is covered with everlasting snow”.

‘Mt Egmont’



Shown at:

Lesa Gallery Petone, New Zealand




Individual Artworks