Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Endeavour Bay
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Endeavour Bay

The design of this work was inspired by the monument at Poverty Bay of which I visited in January 2007. The round stone that Cook is standing on is a globe marked with his great voyages.  Poverty Bay was originally named Endeavour Bay as it was the first part of New Zealand that the Ship ‘Endeavour’ weighed anchor. However there was a skirmish with the locals and the Endeavour had to leave without any fresh supplies or positive relations with the local natives.

Red kowhaiwhai design: Patiki or flounder, a symbol of hospitality

The box at the top of the art work includes the list of people on board the Endeavour.

Admiralty Instructions to Cook

“You are likewise to observe the Genius, Temper, Disposition and number of the Natives, if there be any, and ENDEAVOUR by all proper means to cultivate a friendship and alliance with them.”


Shown at:

Exalt Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Pacific Artifacts