Sandy Rodgers Artworks | A Country Turned on its Head
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A Country Turned on its Head

Maori History

New Zealand was named by the Maori when they arrived “Aotearoa” two translations of this are “Land of the long white cloud” as the mountain ranges were covered in snow.  The second is “Land of the long daylight”. In the tropics there is no twilight and the Polynesians would have found this surprising when they arrived.



  1. Map: Based on John Arrowsmith’s map from 1881.
  2. Images of up side down heads on left of painting: Image of Queen Victoria from the Penny Red stamp and a Maori by Sydney Parkinson on Cook’s first voyage to New Zealand.
  3. The United Tribes of New Zealand Flag
  4. The Union Jack
  5. Mesnard, Theodore Romuald Georges: Cases du paha de Kororareka/Mesnard delt; lithe par Blanchard. Paris, Thierry freres.
  6. McDonald, James Ingram: Captain William Hobson
  7. Richmond, George: George Augustus Selwyn, D. D., Lord Bishop of New Zealand. Engraved by Samuel Cousins; painted by George Richmond. Rev. Edward Coleridge
  8. King, Marcus: The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, February 6th, 1840.

Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Contemporary Artifacts