Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Care for the Land, Care for the People
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Care for the Land, Care for the People

This piece is talking about the tourism trade here in New Zealand and how vital it is to our economy and of course, the integral part it plays as a driving force to ‘keep New Zealand Green!’ This is what people travel to New Zealand to see…it is now called eco-tourism and has taken off all over the world as people want to go to a place which is stunning in its natural and raw beauty. They want to be able to be a part of that and learn about the geological history of the land and also about what it takes to keep it as clean and clear of human pollution as possible. Local and international tourists want to see New Zealand pristine.

What we have here is a treasure which needs caring for. To have a healthy Nation we must have a healthy land. Papatuanuku is our Earth Mother who nurtures us, we must respect and care for her in turn.

The letters across the landscape are some of the elements which are mined in NZ and also some poisons which are seeping into nature because of mining.

Coat of Arms: Based on the New Zealand coat of arms but with a focus on our environment.

Kowhaiwhai (scroll design): Ngaru – meaning, the cutting of the waves as a waka (canoe) travels through them. This is here (and painted in blue) to represent the waterways of New Zealand.

Translation:  ‘Manaaki Whenua, Manaaki Tangata, Haere Whakamua.’

Care for the Land, Care for the people, Go Forward.’

Flag:  If you look closely you can see a kowhaiwhai design behind the flag. This design I created to represent the mountains of New Zealand.


Shown at:

Zeayou Gallery Taupo, New Zealand




Individual Artworks