Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Battle of the Birds
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Battle of the Birds


  • Kawau: Black Shag
  • Karuhiruhi: Pied Shag
  • Tiwakawaka: Fantail
  • Kowhaiwhai (Maori rafter panel design): A combination of rautawa (tawa Leaf) and ngutu kaka (kakabeak)

Stamp design:

Based on the 1935 Pictorials 1d Kiwi


Kauwau from the coast invited kauwau from the rivers to his home for a meal one day. The river shag was unimpressed by the spiny food and suggested that the coastal shag should come with him and try the river fare. The coastal shag enjoyed the delicious meal so much that he asked if the river shag would give him part of his territory to live in. The river shag threw him out and the coastal shag promised he would return with a war party. The battle was grim, many birds lost their lives and plummeted to the ground below but as sunset approached. Since the war the birds have lived apart and respect each others territory when they have need of passing through and thus have since lived in peace.


Shown at:

Ashton Grove Wellington, New Zealand




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