Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Tane and the Tui
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Tane and the Tui


  • The Tui: Prosthermadera novaeseelandiae Other names: Parson bird, poe bee-eater, New Zealand creeper, koko, mocking bird
  • Heru: Ornamental Maori hair comb (‘The Tui was worn in Rehua’s hair’)
    Note: Heru is another name for Horus the Egyptian bird god whose symbol is represented on the bottom left corner of the painting
  • Kowhaiwhai (Maori rafter panel design): Kōwhai ngutukākā



‘Tane Mahuta, The god of nature was the creator of the forests, the birds therein were the offspring of Tanemataahi & Parauri. It was when Tane visited Rehua in the overworlds that he saw the Tui in Rehua’s hair and wished to take it back to earth with him’ … Rehua told Tane that he must provide food and shelter for the birds and then he could return and take the Tui. Tane created the lush forests of Aotearoa in order to be able to care for the beautiful creatures.


Shown at:

Ashton Grove Wellington, New Zealand




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