Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Schedule 4
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Schedule 4


Coat of arms: Based on the traditional New Zealand coat of arms. I have kept the woman on the left but holding a Kauri tree seedling instead as she looks sternly towards the miner on the right. The miner has replaced the Maori Warrior. The miner stares blankly as if ready to work. The Maori face above the shield is from the 10cent piece and is crowned, asking ‘is money king?!’

In the shield is a kiwi and a kaka, two native birds living in Schedule 4 areas that might be opened up for mining. On the left, a mining cart and opposite it, the crossed hammers which are from the New Zealand coat of arms. The shield is broken up with an X to signal my reproach!

The endangered Helm’s butterfly which only lives in a schedule 4 protected area is on the bottom

Flag:  Dirty and faded representing what will happen if we start letting atrocities like mining in our National Parks. The symbols on the flag represent mining extracts and consequences of mining in National Parks.


Shown at:

The Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




A New Zealand Holiday