Sandy Rodgers Artworks | New Aotearoa
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New Aotearoa


  • ‘ The Head of a New Zealander, with a comb in his hair, an ornament of green stone in his ear and another of a fish’s tooth around his neck’ 1769
  • ‘Captain James Cook. [Holland, Nathaniel Dance (Sir)] 1734-1811: James Cook. Engraved by H B Hall & Sons. New York [ca 1780] 


Based on a Chart from original Surveys by Thomas Mc Donnell.Lieut. R.N. 1800’s

Latitude & Longitude for the South Island are the same as the original map.

Kowhaiwhai: Mangotipi or Hammerhead Shark

Handwritten Script: The beginning of the list of waka (canoes) that settled in New Zealand

Background Script: 

The New Zealand Company

There were over 800 people on the first 5 ships that left England before it was even known where the settlement was going to be, even without knowing whether the sites had been purchased.

Within 3 months all 5 ships and the Bolton had arrived in New Zealand. The Maori were astonished and asked whether  the whole tribe of England had come?


Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Contemporary Artifacts