Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Your Holiday Starts Here
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Your Holiday Starts Here

A Tribute:

The Aotearoa Star Lines art works are a tribute to the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand.



Ship: The image of this ship was inspired by an image from the Union Lines ‘Monowai’ dinner Menu 30th July 1949.

Kowhaiwhai (scroll design): The inspiration for this Kowhaiwhai comes from Ngaru, a traditional Maori design representing the cutting of the waves as the ‘waka’ moves through them.

Boarder (Aotearoa Star Lines): This is based on the design from the original shares certificates issued by the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand.

Aotearoa Star Lines (name): I wanted to incorporate the word ‘star’ as a tribute to the ‘Red Star Lines’.

Aotearoa Star Lines Logo: Combination of red star with white boarder from the New Zealand flag; face from the 10cent coin; the rope and New Zealand inspired by New Zealand Ship and Marine society’s logo; and the anchor, symbol of all things connected with the ocean.

Your Holiday Starts Here: I have highlighted the letters USS in red along with C & O. These letters stand for Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand.


Shown at:

The Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




A New Zealand Holiday