Sandy Rodgers Artworks | Adventure in Maoriland
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Adventure in Maoriland


  1. Map and tribal districts of New Zealand
  2. Parkinson, Sydney 1745-1771: Heads of New Zealand Chiefs, curiously tattooed. [London; Printed for J Cooke, 1778-79]
  3. Parkinson, Sydney, 1745-1771: A view of the North side of the entrance into Poverty Bay & Morai Island in New Zealand. 1. Young Nick’s Head. 2. Morai Island. Different perspective of the entrance into the bay. S. Parkinson del. R. B. Godfrey sc. Plate XIV. [London, 1784].
  4. Fox, William 1812-1893: The Mangles grass valley, on the Mangles or Teraumei River. 15 Feb. [18]46.
  5. Tradition garden implements (ink wash by Sandy Rodgers
  6. Cookson, Janetta Maria 1812-1867 :Ohinemutu, Rotorua Lake, N.Z. ; copy 1853.
  7. Moa (ink wash by Sandy Rodgers)
  8. Blomfield, Charles, 1848-1926: [Pa on edge of Lake Rotoiti, ca 1880].
  9. Parkinson, Sidney 1745-1771: The head of a New Zealander, with a comb in his hair, an ornament of green stone in his ear, and another of a fish’s tooth round his neck, / Thornton sculp. [1773].
  10. Ink drawing of foot pieces of gardening instruments and image of Rongo (matane) – God of kumara and all cultivated vegetables. (by Sandy Rodgers)

Shown at:

Walrus Gallery Wellington, New Zealand




Contemporary Artifacts